Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety – Sean D. Tucker

Flight Training For Passionate Aviators

Sean D. Tucker, in partnership with Tutima Instrument Watches, have developed the Tutima Academy to provide the most in-depth study of aircraft control ever offered.

Whether a newly certified pilot or seasoned professional, training with the Tutima Academy can refine your technique to a level you never thought possible and provide an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. With cutting edge programs focusing on aerobatics and confidence training, our world-class instructors will guide you through each step required to meet and exceed your goals.

Upset Training

We offer upset awareness training for all levels of pilots. All of our upset training programs guide you through the basic psychology and aerodynamic behind Loss Of Control (LOC) accidents and allow you to maximize your skills as an aviator. Additionally, because this training is incredibly important we have both initial and recurrent training options to help keep you skills in tip top shape.

For GA pilots (student pilots and higher) experience our Pilot Confidence Training (PCT) course that has already helped hundreds of pilots explore the outer limits of aircraft control. We also have PCT recurrent training to help keep your skills sharp.

For professional pilots our Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is a course that takes our PCT course and takes its to a much deeper level and delves into the realm of upset recognition and recovery as it applies to both our training aircraft as well as turbine aircraft.


The ACRO series is the flagship of the Tutima Academy program series. This two-part series is the complete package. Starting out with ACRO Level I you’ll start your aerobatic adventure with all the building blocks you’ll need while developing strong and safe aerobatic fundamentals including upright spins. ACRO Level II takes you even further into the realm of aerobatics with more advanced maneuvers while delving deeper into the world of inverted spins. You will experience everything our high performance aerobatic airplanes are capable of, and discover that you have what it takes to master these incredible machines.

Already have aerobatic training but looking to get your feet wet in the competition realm? Check our Intro to Competition Flying (ICF) course to learn the fundamentals of competition, reading Aresti figures, and the basics of sequence flying.

Custom Flight Training

Looking for more advanced aerobatic training, coaching, aerobatic aircraft checkouts, spin endorsements, or flight reviews? Custom Flight Training (CFT) is designed to allow us help tailor the perfect training program for you.

Introductory Aerobatic Flight

An introductory flight geared towards aerobatics, this is an opportunity to check out the ultimate in motorsport adventure. From the feel of G force and the blur of the horizon to dancing through the sky looping and rolling, this is an experience to remember!

An industry leader since 1927, TUTIMA has consistently set standards for craftsmanship and design and is an official supplier to NATO. The innovation, precision and quality offered in TUTIMA’s three distinctive lines; the Classic Flieger, Military and FX have earned the company worldwide recognition.