Tutima Academy Contact Information






Mailing Address:

Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety
250 Airport Road
King City, CA 93930


All scheduling is done on a first-come first-serve basis and training dates are not guaranteed without the required deposit. For more information about scheduling and/or date availability please contact us at

Booking Requirements

  • Signed Training Contract required to confirm a training event.
  • Deposit required to hold a specific course date and confirm training:
    • ACRO, ICF, PCT, UPRT – $1000
    • CFT – $500
    • IAF – 100% of ride price paid in full upon scheduling
  • Payments: Cash, Check, Certified Funds, Wire-Transfer, Amex, Visa, MasterCard.
  • Final Payment: Balance of invoice total is due on or before the last flight day.

Requirements for Flight Training & Aerobatic Rides

  • Height: maximum of 6’5″ (198 cm)
  • Weight: maximum of 240 lbs (113kg) – based on parachute limits
    Note – Our Height/Weight Limits are also proportional to one another. If a participant is at or near the max
    weight and less than max height (example 235lbs and 5’8″), please call our office to discuss further. We
    must ensure we have available space for full maneuverability of the control stick in the front cockpit and
    also be able to attach the 5-pt harness in order to fly.
  • Physical Restrictions: Participants must be able to physically get in and out of aircraft without assistance.
  • Language: Participants must be fluent in English (both comprehension and spoken)
  • Medical fitness is the responsibility of the customer: Please consult your physician with any fitness, medical or nutritional concerns.
  • Age: The minimum participant age is 16 years old. For people under 18 years of age, a parent or
    guardian’s signature is required and their presence on-site is required for the duration of the minor’s time at the Academy.

Special Training Needs

Tutima Academy is happy to discuss specialty-training requests (including but not limited to: CFI Spin Endorsements, High Performance Endorsements, Flight Reviews, and Formation Training). Please note that for customers wanting to discuss specialty training must specify these requests prior to booking for scheduling and availability reasons.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Penalties

Days Prior to Scheduled Training Start DateRescheduling Penalty (% of deposit NOT refunded or applied to course price)Cancellation Penalty (% of deposit NOT refunded)
31+ Days0%0%
Within 30 Days10%50%
Within 14 Business Days25%75%
Within 5 Business Days75%100%
Day-Of / No Show100%100%

*Cancellations must be received in writing (email, fax, mail).

Other Conditions

If the customer chooses to cancel or reschedule their flight or training course the standard cancellation or rescheduling penalties apply. Once training begins customers are liable for the full fee for the type of flight or course scheduled regardless of subsequent cancellations or unforeseen circumstances associated with their original booking such as, but not limited to, illness, nausea, personal scheduling issues, etc. In the event Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety cannot deliver its services on the scheduled flight day for any reason (including but not limited to poor weather, mechanical issues, etc.), the customer will be provided with alternate flight dates to choose from and will be rescheduled with no charge or penalty.

In order to obtain the deposit password please contact us to discuss your training and scheduling: info@tutimaacademy.com.