Pilot Confidence Training

Experience the training that has already helped hundreds of pilots explore the outer limits of aircraft control. The PCT program will guide you through the basic psychology and aerodynamics behind Loss of Control (LOC) accidents and allow you to maximize your skills as an aviator. PCT is the perfect course for general aviation pilots looking to increase their confidence, skills and safety.

Initial Pilot Confidence Training (PCT-I)

Duration2 Days
Number of flights4
Maximum Flight Time3.2 hrs
Classroom Sessions4
PrerequisitesStudent pilot near solo or higher
Package Price (Pitts)$2499
Package Price (Extra)$2997

Recurrent Pilot Confidence Training (PCT-R)

Duration1 Day
Number of flights2
Maximum Flight Time1.6 hrs
Classroom Sessions2
PrerequisitesCompletion of PCT-I within the previous 24 months
Package Price (Pitts)$1515
Package Price (Extra)$1798