Founded in 1997 by airshow pilot Sean D. Tucker, the “School of Aerobatic Flight” began as a one instructor, one airplane outfit based in Salinas, California. With students traveling from all corners of the globe the SAF quickly developed a reputation as “the” place to learn aerobatics.

Having relocated operations 50 miles southeast to King City in 2001, the SAF was re-branded the Tutima Academy in early 2006. This unique partnership was formed with Tutima to better fulfill our goal of becoming the pinnacle of aerobatic, formation and safety training.


The Academy was developed to provide the most in-depth study of aircraft control ever offered to the public and our mission is to provide unmatchable aviation training to increase the skill, confidence and safety of those pilots who train with us.

Offering professional, cutting-edge training geared not only toward physical skills but also incorporating psychological training and real-world experience, the Academy strives to provide the most engaging and safe training for pilots looking to increase their abilities while becoming safer and more experienced.

Whether a newly certified pilot or a seasoned professional, training with the Tutima Academy can refine your technique to a level you never thought possible and provide an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. With cutting edge programs focusing on safety, confidence and aerobatic training, our world class instructors will guide you through each step required to meet and exceed your goals.