Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Our UPRT programs are cutting edge pilot awareness programs that have been developed specifically for professional pilots of high performance aircraft (including turbine and jet). UPRT utilizes training procedures developed for the elite US Navy SEALs to prepare each student for high stress environments. Ground sessions include Loss of Control studies, aviation psychology, and advanced aerodynamics. The UPRT course is the final polish for already advanced flying skills.

Initial Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPPRT-I)

Duration3 Days
Number of flights5
Maximum Flight Time4 hrs
Classroom Sessions7
PrerequisitesCurrent Commercial Pilot with instrument rating or higher
Package Price (Extra)$4399

Recurrent Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPPRT-R)

Duration2 Days
Number of flights4
Maximum Flight Time3.2 hrs
Classroom Sessions4
PrerequisitesCompletion of UPRT-I within the previous 24 months
Package Price (Extra)$3295