Aerobatics Level I (ACRO I)

Aerobatics Level I is the perfect way to get your feet wet with aerobatic flying. 3 intense days of the fundamentals of aerobatic flight you’ll learn all about lines, loops, rolls and hammerheads while using each of these to build more complex aerobic figures. Additionally you’ll receive in-depth training in all modes of upright spins providing the perfect start to your aerobatic flying.

Duration3 Days
Number of flights6
Maximum Flight Time4.8 hrs
Classroom Sessions6
PrerequisitesPrivate Pilot or higher
Package Price (Pitts)$3505
Package Price (Extra)$4097

Aerobatics Level II (ACRO II)

Aerobatics Level II is for those who want to go to the next level and dive into the realm of more advanced aerobatics including the inverted world. Acro II includes a look at more advanced maneuvers including snap rolls, vertical rolls, and inverted spins. Along with these more advanced maneuvers Acro II includes inverted spin training and cross-over spin training.

Duration2 Days
Number of flights4
Maximum Flight Time3.2 hrs
Classroom Sessions4
PrerequisitesPrivate Pilot or higher and completion of ACRO I or equivalent
Package Price (Pitts)$2587
Package Price (Extra)$2998